Surface Mount Grid System CeilingMAX Install a User-Friendly New Ceiling
CeilingMAX uses "snap in" technology to easily mount your ceiling to any surface - gaining headroom, flexibility and quick installation. Works with any 2`x2` or 2`x4` tile for any kind of room.

Fast, Simple Steps
1) Attach wall brackets and top hangers
2) Install cross tees
3) Tilt to insert ceiling tiles of choice

CeilingMAX Features:
  • Saves up to 6" of ceiling height
  • No need for wires or leveling
  • One-person installation
  • Easy to cut and use high-grade PVC
  • Easy to get 8` sections home
  • Doesn`t rust or show scratches
  • Fastens to joists, plaster or drywall
  • Simple to determine how much to buy
  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes
  • Uses any 2`x2` or 2`x4` thick acoustical ceiling tile up to ¾" 
  • Warranty - 25 year limited liability
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Download the CeilingMAX Installation Sheet (PDF)

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CeilingMAX Installation Guide:


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